Suhana Khan poses for a happy picture with her girl gang in NYC

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Suhana Khan poses for a happy picture with her girl gang in NYC

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is
in New York to stay her higher studies. She is one of the
most popular star kids on social media with several fan
pages dedicated to her name. Recently, pictures of her
from New York City are making rounds in the media and
fans are talking about it a lot.

Her fan pages are filled with some stunning pictures as
she spends some quality time with her friends in NYC. Her
party photos, casual day out clicks, selfies and videos
often make their way to the headlines. Recently, we
stumbled upon an adorable photo of the star kid and you
can’t miss it! In this picture, Suhana is all smiles as
she posed for a happy picture with her girl gang at the
park. She sported a white spaghetti top with denim shorts
and a jacket.

If the reports are to believed, the star kid will soon
follow her dad SRK’s footsteps and is taking tips from
him to master the craft of acting. A few days back, her
bestie Ananya Panday opened about Suhana and revealed
some hidden talents of her. She said that Suhanais a
great singer and a great dancer. She reportedly said that
a lot of big things are meant for the Starkid.

Picture Courtesy: Suhana Khan’s fan club on Instgram

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